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SF Sketches

winter2011_12 030Living in the heart of San Francisco as I do, I travel through many streets every day, by car, bus, or on foot, and I see and hear things that intrigue me or at least amuse me. I love recording them and I thought it might amuse you to read some of them. As I run into more interesting people, animals, birds, and things, I’ll jot them down and add them to these sketchy sketches.



Cante Jonde

I knew a woman forty years ago, long, long before I began writing things down, a native San Franciscan, tall, shapely, raven-haired. Her face was painfully sensitive. She was generous. She read Virginia Wolfe and Faulkner. And she was an accomplished flamenco dancer. That’s how we connected. I’ve played flamenco guitar since I was a kid, never very well, but well enough to hang around the edges of that world. We met at a party and discovered we shared something a bit out of the ordinary.

We spent some time together, Alicia and I, and she told me her story. Read the rest of this entry »