Sexy Seal

by cunningcrowbooks

I had to anchor my ancient cabin-cruiser near the San Rafael Bridge after the engine died. While I crawled around down below with a flashlight, I heard my woman friend on deck talking away. To whom, out there, I wondered? Ten minutes later I cautiously stuck my head out of a hatch and heard a splash.

Aw, you’ve scared him away!” my friend complained.


“The little seal!” she said. “The minute you disappeared, he popped up right next to the boat and stared at me.And stared and stared. And what sexy eyes, he had! I started talking to him and he really enjoyed it. That was plain to see.”

“Sexy eyes?”

“Oh, yeah,” she said, with her wicked grin, looking quite good in her bikini. I could certainly understand the seal’s interest. “For him it was love at first sight. But I think it really ticked him off when he saw there was already a man in my life. So he split.”

When I glanced at the spot of water my friend pointed to I saw only a widening circle, as if a big stone had been dropped in.